Revenge OF CaLcuLon

FunkaTRonic LuchadoRS

FunkaTRonic LuchadoRS Revenge oF CaLcuLon Live in a woRLd oF diRTy eLecTRo and SLeazy baSS gRooveS. IF you Like youR LeFT-FieLd Sci-Fi Funk wRapped up in a neaT bundLe by Two guyS weaRing TRackSuiTS and Mexican wReSTLing maSkS, ThiS iS The band FoR you.

DeScRibed aS "P-Funk meeTS DaFT Punk", and "Like The SoundTRack oF a 1970'S BLaxpLoiTaTion Sci-Fi movie. Mix iT aLL up in a bLendeR, Shock iT a Few TimeS wiTh a caR baTTeRy Then SeRve iT in a TumbLeR wiTh a LighT coaTing oF cRySTaL meTh on The Rim"

Live ShowS oFTen FeaTuRe B-movie pSych-ouT pRojecTionS, RoboT piñaTaS, Low-quaLiTy bReakdancing and Jamming wiTh The hoTTeST gueST RappeRS.

The band'S 6 SingLeS To daTe aRe avaiLabLe aS a bunch oF digiTaL gaRbage on SpoTiFy and iTuneS, oR iF you pReFeR SomeThing moRe Sexy; geT youR handS on Some hoT wax FRom ouR onLine RecoRd vinyL SToRe and FRom SeLecTed pLaceS ThaT uSuaLLy SeLL vinyL.


WhaT The heLL moRe do you wanT? Send uS SomeThing inTeReSTing To

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